What Are Penny Stocks? How To Get Started With Penny Stocks

what are penny stocks
If you turn to any investment news channel you’ll frequently see journalists talking about a stock few companies. There are the Apples, the Google’s and of late, the Teslas of the trading and investing world. You hardly ever hear them talk about penny stocks. Penny stocks, it seems, are the… Read More

Introducing Jobflare App, A Brain Games App for Job Seekers

Jobflare app
  Criteria Corp, a leader in pre-employment testing, announced today the official launch of JobFlare, an iOS app designed to change the way job hunting and talent discovery take place for job seekers and companies. By allowing users to play various brain games that are scientifically crafted to test key… Read More

How Millennials Can Quickly Combat Bad Credit

How Millennials Can Quickly Combat Bad Credit
If you’re like most millennials I know, checking your credit score (or accumulating credit, for that matter) isn’t a priority until it’s absolutely necessary. The downfall to this non-strategy is the sudden realization of poor or no credit when starting a business, buying a car or even applying to rent… Read More

My Top Tips For Paying Off Debt and How To Save Money

Meet Millennials Series with Jay from Simple Money Living My name is Jayson Bastien, CPA, CA and I founded Simple Money Living in 2015 through a ten article series. I want to live in the now (which is tough), in a simple manner, with money! In 2016, I took the… Read More

How A CPA Working In Corporate America Approaches Personal Finance

I’m Joe and currently, I’m a CPA working in corporate America.   I’ve been interested in finance since I was 12, when I asked from parents for Apple and Microsoft stock for my birthday.  Since then it’s been a passion of mine to learn as much as I can about investing… Read More

The Gig Economy Is Boosting Millennial’s Careers Around The World

The Gig Economy
You might have heard the phrase “gig economy” get thrown around in recent times — but what exactly is it? Even though there isn’t a fixed definition, the gig economy can be briefly summarized as  “an economy in which temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace, and companies tend toward hiring independent… Read More

How to Use Side Hustles to Pay Off Debt

side hustles pay off debt
If the huge credit card debt or student loans are taking a toll on your personal financial life, then you can think of a side hustle. It plays a significant role in helping to generate some extra money. Thus, you can pay off debt aggressively by making the debt payment.… Read More

How One Shopaholic Learned to Control Bad Spending Habits

  Meet Jessie Butner the Shopaholic   Jessie Butner, shopaholic, with luxurious bags Although it might sound like a made up addiction, for several years shopping truly was my outlet. I wasn’t alone; 5.8% of Americans suffer with this addiction.   Although I didn’t have it quite as bad as… Read More

How To Achieve Financial Freedom While Being Average

Financial Freedom
Meet Millennials Series: James from fairlyfrugalfella.com tells us how to Achieve Financial Freedom while being Average James is a blogger at www.fairlyfrugalfella.com Hiya, my name is James. I’m the owner and blogger over at fairlyfrugalfella.com. I’m 27 and I like to think a mix of my upbringing and own personal… Read More
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