How Much Money is Enough to Achieve Financial Independence?

How Much Money Is Enough
How much money is enough to achieve Financial independence: what would you do if there was a never-ending stream of money available? The answer is unique to everyone, from buying a house to getting out of debt. To me, it’s about having the assets available to cover all my current… Read More

When Is an MBA Worth It?

is an mba worth it
Is an MBA worth it? If you’re debating whether or not to get a Master of Business Administration (MBA), in order to enhance your career opportunities, receive increased compensation and job promotions but are taken back about the cost of graduate school? The question becomes, is earning an MBA worth… Read More

How I Became A Millionaire

How I Became a Millionaire
Welcome to the Meet Millennials Series. In this series, I feature incredible millennials and allow you to share your story with money. Today, I am releasing an interview I had with a very successful individual who shared some career and life advice. He wanted to remain anonymous, however, he did… Read More

Introducing Jobflare App, A Brain Games App for Job Seekers

Jobflare app
  Criteria Corp, a leader in pre-employment testing, announced today the official launch of JobFlare, an iOS app designed to change the way job hunting and talent discovery take place for job seekers and companies. By allowing users to play various brain games that are scientifically crafted to test key… Read More

The Gig Economy Is Boosting Millennial’s Careers Around The World

The Gig Economy
You might have heard the phrase “gig economy” get thrown around in recent times — but what exactly is it? Even though there isn’t a fixed definition, the gig economy can be briefly summarized as  “an economy in which temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace, and companies tend toward hiring independent… Read More

Financial Advice from a Gen Xer to Millennials

Financial Advice for Millennials
Hello, my Millennial friends, my name is Dave and I am the author of The Financial Journey Man blog. I’m here to provide some financial advice for millennials. My blog is brand new, however, my journey to financial independence started 20 years ago. The year 1997 was a long time… Read More

3 Financial Habits to Start With Your First Job

Success! You landed your first job right out of college. You chose to start working right away instead of traveling. Your hard work has paid off by you securing your first step on the career ladder, now it is the time to make smart financial choices.  3 Financial Habits to… Read More

Top 5 Escape Plans To Peace The F Out Tomorrow

Top 5 Escape Plans To Peace The F Out Tomorrow
This week I was able to congratulate two close friends on becoming debt free!  This is the most important step towards financial independence.  Being debt free opens up a huge world of opportunities to live your life to the fullest and gives you a sense of control over your life.  … Read More

How To Start A Blog (Simple Guide for Beginners)

start a blog
So you’re interested in how to start a blog? I’m thrilled you are here! I created this blog, Millennial Money Guide earlier this year, while having no prior experience building websites whatsoever. It is possible to build websites as a beginner and pretty manageable. So since you are here, odds… Read More