How One Shopaholic Learned to Control Bad Spending Habits

  Meet Jessie Butner the Shopaholic   Jessie Butner, shopaholic, with luxurious bags Although it might sound like a made up addiction, for several years shopping truly was my outlet. I wasn’t alone; 5.8% of Americans suffer with this addiction.   Although I didn’t have it quite as bad as… Read More

How To Achieve Financial Freedom While Being Average

Financial Freedom
Meet Millennials Series: James from tells us how to Achieve Financial Freedom while being Average James is a blogger at Hiya, my name is James. I’m the owner and blogger over at I’m 27 and I like to think a mix of my upbringing and own personal… Read More

Financial Advice from a Gen Xer to Millennials

Financial Advice for Millennials
Hello, my Millennial friends, my name is Dave and I am the author of The Financial Journey Man blog. I’m here to provide some financial advice for millennials. My blog is brand new, however, my journey to financial independence started 20 years ago. The year 1997 was a long time… Read More

How To Beat Ageism And Get Great Car Insurance

How To Beat Ageism And Get Great Car Insurance
When it comes to car insurance, a big expense for many of us, ageism is a common issue. Today’s millennials are still seen as ‘young’ in the eyes of insurance providers and, as everyone knows, young drivers often have to pay more.   Of course, if you’re smart, there are… Read More

Tackling Your 4 Biggest Expenses

Tackling Your 4 Biggest Expenses
Your financial life comprises two main components — production and consumption. In personal finance and in entrepreneurship, we spend most of our time speaking about production. We’re either looking to invest more in producing companies, real estate and assets or we’re looking to start a company that will ultimately help… Read More

How To Travel While Paying Off Student Loan Debt in 4 Simple Steps

How To Travel While Paying Off Student Loan Debt
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain To travel is probably the number one dream for most people. It has a way of curing ignorance and opening your mind to new ideas.… Read More

20 Cool Products on Amazon for Under $25

20 Cool Products on Amazon for Under $25
Sh*t You Can Afford. 20 Cool and affordable products on Amazon for under $25 that you will actually want. Check out the list! Tip: If you don’t have have Amazon Prime… You can sign up here and receive Free Two-Day Shipping.   COOL FOOT HAMMOCK YOU CAN PUT UNDER YOUR… Read More

8 Must Read Personal Finance Books for 2017

8 must read personal finance books 2017
Budgeting and managing money may seem easy, but if it were, most millennials wouldn’t be drowning in debt. Here I will list the top 8 must-read personal finance books for a better 2017. Millennials – these books will help you get your personal finances in tip-top shape:   1. Think and… Read More

What Millennials Need to Know About the Federal Interest Rate Hike

interest rate hike
This is a guest post by: Bill Prichard, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at CO-OP Financial Services Millennials: worried about the Federal Reserve Board’s 0.25 percent interest rate boost in December? While the announcement made big news as the first increase to occur in a year, there’s no need for younger… Read More
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