What Are Penny Stocks? How To Get Started With Penny Stocks

what are penny stocks
If you turn to any investment news channel you’ll frequently see journalists talking about a stock few companies. There are the Apples, the Google’s and of late, the Teslas of the trading and investing world. You hardly ever hear them talk about penny stocks. Penny stocks, it seems, are the… Read More

Make Money Online By Investing: Beginners Guide

make money online by investing
With the internet being so easily accessible now it is no wonder that many people are turning to investing online either to make a full time living or just some extra cash online. There are companies like CMC markets that allow you to trade online with ease, and track your… Read More

3 Financial Habits to Start With Your First Job

Success! You landed your first job right out of college. You chose to start working right away instead of traveling. Your hard work has paid off by you securing your first step on the career ladder, now it is the time to make smart financial choices.  3 Financial Habits to… Read More

Early Retirement Planning for Millennial Investing

Early Retirement Planning For Millennial Investing
Millennial investors who engage in early retirement planning and take advantage of a 401k plan in their twenties give themselves a great opportunity to retire at a younger age and with a large sum of money. The biggest impact on the size of your retirement nest egg is time. A… Read More

How To Prepare For Retirement

prepare for retirement
Millennial Money Guide was created to help millennials be smarter with their money. When talking to my friends about money I sense a common theme among most. I kind of got the feeling that many millennials, not just my friends, don’t really know how to be fiscally smart! So dig… Read More

An Introduction To Forex Trading

make money trading forex
The purpose of this article is to give you a bit of background on the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market and to give you the first couple of steps to get started in trading. If you’re reading this article, I’ll assume you’ve been intrigued by the picture above. For a long… Read More

The $26,000 Robinhood Stock Market Trading Challenge

Current portfolio: NOK – 400 Shares OREX – 1047 Shares NUGT – 8 Shares BCS – 441 Shares KMI – 30 Shares F – 1382 Shares Cash- $1,334.80 Total Value: $26,308.33 Total Investment: $26,000.00 Return on Investment: 1.18% About the challenge: I recently gained access to a stock trading service… Read More

Millennials Favorite Stocks (Top 10)

Millennials Favorite Stocks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Do you have any of these stocks in your portfolio? Chances are that you probably do! Here is the list of millennials top favorite stocks according to TD Ameritrade. 1. Apple Stock Ticker: AAPL Percentage of Millennials' stock portfolio: 12%… Read More

Self Directed IRA offers Investment Alternatives

self directed ira
Self-directed IRAs can acquire real estate, hold mortgages and notes, private placements (such as LLCs and trusts), precious metals, invest in foreign currency and participate in futures trading and other investment options. Many millennials feel the pressure of student loans bearing down upon then and it can be terrifying trying… Read More
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