8 Ways To Improve Your Personal Finance Situation

personal finance situation
Here are 8 ways to improve your personal finance situation. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is absolutely essential to properly manage personal finances. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, making sure you’re covered if the car breaks down or the washer breaks, planning a vacation, budgeting… Read More

How Much Money is Enough to Achieve Financial Independence?

How Much Money Is Enough
How much money is enough to achieve Financial independence: what would you do if there was a never-ending stream of money available? The answer is unique to everyone, from buying a house to getting out of debt. To me, it’s about having the assets available to cover all my current… Read More

How My Most Expensive Mistake Changed My Life

Most Expensive Mistake
Here is a story of how my most expensive mistake changed my life. Now Let’s Talk Money: Meet Millennials Series with Ian Ian Spencer I haven’t always been financially responsible. When I was growing up, I had various part time jobs and I spent every dollar from those jobs. In… Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Money Management and Budgeting

money management and budgeting
Taking the time to have better money management and budgeting skills can really pay off. Back in college, I would always procrastinate when it came to financial tasks. I’d find some reason or another to put off anything to do with money for another day. After a while, though, being… Read More

Millennials Are Screwed Financially, Or Are They?

millennials are screwed
When I started thinking about writing a piece for the Millennial Money Guide, there were so many things that I could mention to the millennial generation.  Do I mention that 50% of American households cannot afford an unexpected bill of $500 or more, or only 35% of credit card holders… Read More

How I Became A Millionaire

How I Became a Millionaire
Welcome to the Meet Millennials Series. In this series, I feature incredible millennials and allow you to share your story with money. Today, I am releasing an interview I had with a very successful individual who shared some career and life advice. He wanted to remain anonymous, however, he did… Read More

6 Ways to Save Money in Your 20s

How To Save In Your 20s
Here I will share how you are able to save money in your 20s. As a single parent and college student, I mastered the art of being broke. No matter how hard I tried I never could get out of the constant circle of being broke. When you don’t have… Read More

My Top Tips For Paying Off Debt and How To Save Money

Meet Millennials Series with Jay from Simple Money Living My name is Jayson Bastien, CPA, CA and I founded Simple Money Living in 2015 through a ten article series. I want to live in the now (which is tough), in a simple manner, with money! In 2016, I took the… Read More

How One Shopaholic Learned to Control Bad Spending Habits

  Meet Jessie Butner the Shopaholic   Jessie Butner, shopaholic, with luxurious bags Although it might sound like a made up addiction, for several years shopping truly was my outlet. I wasn’t alone; 5.8% of Americans suffer with this addiction.   Although I didn’t have it quite as bad as… Read More