How I Became A Millionaire

How I Became a Millionaire
Welcome to the Meet Millennials Series. In this series, I feature incredible millennials and allow you to share your story with money. Today, I am releasing an interview I had with a very successful individual who shared some career and life advice. He wanted to remain anonymous, however, he did… Read More

How To Make Extra Money on the Side using Side Hustles

how to make extra money on the side
Ever wanted to make extra money on the side using side hustles? I know for me, the biggest issue I ever had with money was my income or the lack of income. Sometimes One Job Isn’t Enough Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and some people struggle just for the… Read More

What Are Penny Stocks? How To Get Started With Penny Stocks

what are penny stocks
If you turn to any investment news channel you’ll frequently see journalists talking about a stock few companies. There are the Apples, the Google’s and of late, the Teslas of the trading and investing world. You hardly ever hear them talk about penny stocks. Penny stocks, it seems, are the… Read More

The Gig Economy Is Boosting Millennial’s Careers Around The World

The Gig Economy
You might have heard the phrase “gig economy” get thrown around in recent times — but what exactly is it? Even though there isn’t a fixed definition, the gig economy can be briefly summarized as  “an economy in which temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace, and companies tend toward hiring independent… Read More

How to Use Side Hustles to Pay Off Debt

side hustles pay off debt
If the huge credit card debt or student loans are taking a toll on your personal financial life, then you can think of a side hustle. It plays a significant role in helping to generate some extra money. Thus, you can pay off debt aggressively by making the debt payment.… Read More

How To Become A Successful Freelancer (And Quit Your Day Job)

Become A Successful Freelancer
So you’re reading this because you want to become a successful freelancer. You’ve thought about what you want to freelance in, you’re ready to quit your day job, and you’ve even dreamed about how luxurious it will be to work from home in your sweatpants. There are some financial secrets… Read More

Make Money Online By Investing: Beginners Guide

make money online by investing
With the internet being so easily accessible now it is no wonder that many people are turning to investing online either to make a full time living or just some extra cash online. There are companies like CMC markets that allow you to trade online with ease, and track your… Read More

How To Start A Blog (Simple Guide for Beginners)

start a blog
So you’re interested in how to start a blog? I’m thrilled you are here! I created this blog, Millennial Money Guide earlier this year, while having no prior experience building websites whatsoever. It is possible to build websites as a beginner and pretty manageable. So since you are here, odds… Read More

10 Easy Side Hustles Millennials Can Start Today

easy side hustles millennials
After a long day at work, Joanna Rohlf heads home to work on her side hustle muscle. The 25-year old DC native is a social media fitness influence who makes YouTube videos and has 25.6K followers on Instagram. She estimates that can bring in anywhere from $200-1000 a month in… Read More