The Power of Student Loan Debt Freedom

I came to the US in 2001 from a country called Kazakhstan. Right away my parents wanted me to apply myself and really make the best of all the opportunities our new home had to offer. I studied hard, generally got good grades and went to a good college. My… Read More

3 Financial Habits to Start With Your First Job

Success! You landed your first job right out of college. You chose to start working right away instead of traveling. Your hard work has paid off by you securing your first step on the career ladder, now it is the time to make smart financial choices.  3 Financial Habits to… Read More

Millennial Families: How Can They Attain Financial Independence?

millennial families
Chelsea is a wife and loving mother of a one year old. She is also the creator and author of Mama Fish Saves, a personal finance blog aimed at helping young families attain financial independence. With professional experience in corporate finance for the past seven years she actively manages a… Read More

Don’t Buy a Home Without Reading This [Infographic]

Buying a house is likely to be the biggest financial commitment that you will make for your entire life, and while the experience can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, it’s important to get it right in order to avoid excessive extra costs in the future. And when it’s your first… Read More

Meet the Australian Millennial Who Invests in Websites

millennial invest in websites
All of us have a story to tell about personal finance, and I created the Meet Millennials category so that anyone can share their story with money. Talking about money has been considered taboo in the past but we are here to change that. Here is the interview I had… Read More

Meet the Millennial Who Paid Off 43K in Student Loans in 8 Months

millennial who paid off 43k student loans
Angelo is the creator and author of Conquering Credit, a finance and lifestyle blog started after paying off $43K of student loans in just 8 months.  With professional experience in business consultation, he writes with the intent of making personal finance an approachable and interesting subject.  Though geared towards Millennial… Read More

Top 5 Escape Plans To Peace The F Out Tomorrow

Top 5 Escape Plans To Peace The F Out Tomorrow
This week I was able to congratulate two close friends on becoming debt free!  This is the most important step towards financial independence.  Being debt free opens up a huge world of opportunities to live your life to the fullest and gives you a sense of control over your life.  … Read More

How To Start A Blog (Simple Guide for Beginners)

start a blog
So you’re interested in how to start a blog? I’m thrilled you are here! I created this blog, Millennial Money Guide earlier this year, while having no prior experience building websites whatsoever. It is possible to build websites as a beginner and pretty manageable. So since you are here, odds… Read More

Early Retirement Planning for Millennial Investing

Early Retirement Planning For Millennial Investing
Millennial investors who engage in early retirement planning and take advantage of a 401k plan in their twenties give themselves a great opportunity to retire at a younger age and with a large sum of money. The biggest impact on the size of your retirement nest egg is time. A… Read More
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